Beta Time! Updated Superliners

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I've been working on updating my Superliners the last few weeks & am now in a stage to release a beta. Keep in mind there may be a few tweaks and adjustments that will be made. Please comment here on any issues you may find so that I can correct them.

These Superliners still use josefpav's old meshes, I have primarily just changed the texturing on them (I am a texture artist). I have not broken out between Superliner 1 & Superliner 2 cars, as I only have 1 mesh for each car type. Included in each pack is: Coach, Coach Baggage, Sightseer Lounge/Lounge Cafe, Diner, Sleeper, Transition Sleeper (which is fictional for Phase II & III). All other dependencies should be on the DLS, but let me know here if you are missing any.

Change Log

  • Brand new textures, increased file size to provide more detail.
  • Updated colors, logos, text for clarity and realism.
  • New trucks, the previous versions used trucks that were not always available & lower quality. These use trucks from the DLS and of a reasonable quality improvement.
  • New detailed interior textures, previous versions used the same interior regardless of exterior.
  • New Coupler mesh, set up to stay connected and articulate around corners.


Now released! Visit our download section to download them.

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