Download links broken.

Hey, this is Benthetrainkid here, and I noticed that on the downloads page (, some of the links are BROKEN, like when you click on the links to the Surfliner cars, CDTX California Cars, and the fictional Surfliner and Cascades BBLs, it gives me the 404 error. Will there be a fix to it sooner or later?


  • An_SDP40F_fanAn_SDP40F_fan Member Posts: 11

    Yeah, I was really hoping to make some Realistic Surfliner trains, Really hope they get fixed.

  • An_SDP40F_fanAn_SDP40F_fan Member Posts: 11

    The BBLs are on the other version of this website, they should be under Rolling Stock. Note that you do need to make an account. Everything on here is free btw.


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