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Commuter Set Betas (downloads!)

edited May 26 in Projects
I've been working on a series of commuter sets for release. Watch this space for open beta releases of them.

Currently released for beta:

These still need a final spit & polish on them (like updated thumbnails) but operationally, they should be complete.


Potential things for the future (in no particular order):

  • MBTA CTC-1 Wifi
  • SEPTA Comet
  • EXO Comet
  • LA Metrolink painted Comet (fictional)
  • The UTA FrontRunner Comets will be included in an updated FrontRunner Pack with their BBL counterparts in the future.

Released Commuter Sets

New Jersey Transit:

  • Comet II
  • Comet III
  • P40-DC
  • BBL
Release Notes:
Build #3222.6.12
  • Corrected missing dependencies in P40
  • Included trucks for Comet cars
  • Corrected vent textures on P40
  • Added NJT BBLs


  • Shoreliner II
  • Shoreliner III
  • P34AC-DM
Release Notes:
Build #111.4
  • Corrected vent textures on P32AC-DM
  • Included trucks for Shoreliner cars


  • CTC-1
  • GE P40-DC (fictional)
Release Notes:
Build #24.6
  • Corrected missing dependancies in P40
  • Included trucks for CTC cars
  • Corrected vent textures on P40
  • Corrected number on P40 side


  • I'm aware of a texture issue on the cab of the MBTA P40; expect a fix shortly.

  • Oh and here are some screenshots:

  • edited May 19
    Missing the bogey for the coaches kuid:104609:100483
  • Unknown assets: 104609:100017:2, 52779:50002,104609:1454:2, and 52779:54000
  • edited May 19
    jeffmorris: All those should be included in my Amtrak P42 packs.

    Forgot I did a custom bogey for the coaches: DOWNLOAD HERE.
  • Which Amtrak P42 packs? Clicking on the "Download Here" button for the custom bogey gives me this message:

    Hmmm… can't reach this page

  • One of the generic Amtrak ones (not the anniversary ones) should do the trick.

    Fixed the link, had an extra http:// in there.
  • Still can't find Unknown assets: 52779:50002 and 52779:54000
  • 2 things I noticed:
    1. The number on the right side of the MBTA P40 is reversed. 
    2. The MBTA CTC-1 car shows up in a NJT scheme.
  • New updates. Links updated in 1st post.
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